Slow Temple Crafts

  • leonardo-da-vinci - crazy genius
  • drella - new wave pop artist
  • michelangelo - painter of dicks
  • keith-haring - cosmic comic

„I have come more and more to the conviction that one must not judge the good God for our world,
because that is a study that has failed him […] our world seems to have hurriedly hurried in one of those bad hours,
where the creator no longer knew what he was doing or had lost his head […] Only masters can be so deceived,
that is perhaps the best consolation,
for one may hope to see how he uses the same creative hand the gap is wiped out. „

(Vincent van Gogh, Letter to Theo van Gogh. Arles May 26, 1888.)
Take Five
mushroom path
Mushroom Path
New Altar
psilocybe_semilanceata Ninos Santos
Ninos Santos

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