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The good will prevail….!

Get It Right

All children of God are important…!
(The little and the old ones)

Before you criticize me, take a look in the mirror, and start with yourself,
and if I should be wrong, don’t belittle or hate me, educate me.

You don’t fight Santa Muerte, you leave with Santa Muerte!

The shortest path sometimes is not the best path!

On all paths where love can be found, also god can be found.

Weed shows you the truth. Beer gives you strength.

Spirit above mind, above matter, and God above and in all-and-all!

Den Frauen vertrauen! Trust the women!

Geld zerstört die Welt! Money destroys the world!

The planet belongs to ALL of US!

In freedom persists the God/dess!

As natural as possible.

Everybody springs from God, is special with a mission, has its medicine, uniqueness, and talent and deserves salvation!

Do not blindly believe what others say or write or project onto you!
See, feel, hear and think for yourself,
without fear of death and with humbleness towards god almighty,
what makes sense and brings contentment, clarity, peace, love, and light!
That should be the path for you to follow!

The teachings and paths belong to no one alone!
The laws should be natural, magical, cosmic, spiritual and divine!
Kindness, love, compassion, and forgiveness are the highest!

Whoever has eyes to see, let them see

The Temple of all the children (young and old) is the world!

Some things are just the way they are!
The Law!

You can learn from everybody and everything and every situation!

You have to know also for yourself what to do!

Fantasy is a neverending source of wonder!

Not everything that is possible should also be done!

Be carefull with exaggerations in which direction ever!
They can be destructive!
Maybe the golden middle is a good way!

Everybody is different,
like the ten fingers of the hand,
everybody is different!

Love is Law!

What does not work is not possible!

Everyone has its own Way!

Everything has/takes its time and its place!

Before God Almighty, there are no secrets!

God said to honor your mother and father,
and I say also honor your children.
And maybe honor yourself too.

Conserve the old good things,
heal the bad things,
destroy the evil things,
and build the good new things.

Life means change!
Everything is in the flux!

You should take everything that the heart desires!

You should build and get everything positive that the mind envisions, dreams about!

A good kind of blessings saying would be:
„What God and the angels wish for,
I also wish for“


Almost Everything is based on reciprocity:


„Who doesn’t forgive, won’t be forgiven.“

If somebody denies/forbids you everything good,
they should also be granted denial/forbiddance of everything good!

The one who saves oneself saves the whole world!

Who needs/asks for help, shall be helped.

Who forgives, can be forgiven.

Whoever rises above God will be humiliated!

If you don’t give peace, you don’t get peace!

Let us all take off the Weapons of Darkness and put on the Works of light!

The weak shall be made strong!

Whoever does not give up the eternal war against everything, will also be waged against him eternally war!

Who giveth, will be given

The one who heals others heals oneself!

What you don’t measure out to others, don’t measure out to yourself!

What you measure out to others, measure out to you!

What you measure out to you, measure out to others!

What you measure out to others will be measured back to you. (Maybe by Jah)

Love bears love and hate and destruction will bear the same.

And if you hunt a wolf or a bear to a wall with the back against the wall it will fight for its life!

You can’t give more then you have!

Energy goes where attention flows!
Attention goes where energy flows!

The ones which stance towards kindliness, peace, forgiveness, and towards the life of other peolple is a Never Ever,
shall experience a Never Ever!

You come with empty pockets from god,
and you return with empty pockets to god!

In Between Days

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