You all come from light! I’ve seen it! (a little excursus)

Is there more than light and darkness?
In quantum science thinking there are more than ones and zero, that no and yes, there is also a „maybe“, and maybe there is more than the quantum realistic thinking!
Are we all the light that wants to be enlightened?
Light is energy, and energy is matter, and that is life, and everything springs from love also life.
A saint once said everything was made of love, EVERYTHING!, (see also Isaiah 45: 7 „I make the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.“) (god is light/love) and God „beats“ (gives crises / life tasks) his beloved children in order to evolve, even evil was made of love!
In the bible is written that you have to „overcome“ (mistakes) (excuse yourself at god, etc.), if you have done something bad you can reincarnate to make it right again, but you can also act out of the spiritual world as angel or spirit to straighten out your mistakes!
You might wanna open your heart to the light not only your mind / consciousness (or vice versa) then you’ll understand it better!

 Hit the Lights

ALL-and-ALL the mystery

Am I ALL-and-ALL?
I’m just reflecting parts of ALL-and-ALL, and ALL-and-ALL is reflecting parts of me! And i’m just a tiny fraction of the ALL!
I got the info that there could be things unimaginable!
I saw a picture of a world totally alien and it was a picture because they thought me not understanding it in whole or not having enough of that world in me to reflect or enter! So there you go!
This is a dualistic/non-dualistic world, but maybe there are worlds like saqure root of unimaginable! And see, Jesus he was the avatar of love, and Buddha the avatar of wisdom/enlightenment and them reflecting these special aspects, so methinks everybody is not the same so reflecting its personal self-aspects of ALL-and-ALL, so everybody is unique and special, but not the ALL-and-ALL, God would miss me if I would be destroyed or not existent but god (ALL-AND-ALL) wouldn’t be destroyed therefor, so that’s why the picture of the good Shepard!

Mysticism is some kind of experiencing the unimaginable not ever understandable secret of ALL-and-ALL and bowing and shivering in awe/reverence before the great mystery, which also can be found in little things like we say here in Germany, she has that certain something!

Some spiritual insights

Love the sinner, not the sin.

Variety is the spice of life.

Everything is connected to each other, all and all form a unity and a multiplicity.

Sometimes you have to fight and defend yourself if they try to kill you.

Sometimes you have to run from fights!


Intuition tells you what to pay attention to.
Intuitive fear is natural and a good advisor.
Intuition teaches you the good/positive attraction.

Try to overcome unnatural fear

It is important to connect to each other.

To achieve your goals you shouldn’t postpone tasks.

Listen to your angels and let them guide you.

Try to avoid to eat meat.
Juice gives you strength.

Everything has its meaning and purpose!

Before enlightenment, carry water, chop wood!
After enlightenment, carry water, chop wood!
But with a smile!

As little as possible.
As much as necessary.

Always be careful what you wish/ask for.
It might get answered.
But the laughing buddha only grants for the karma good wishes.

Order is half the life.

Better a little less than too much.

The Temple of all the children (young and old) is the world!

A warrior always looses his last battle.

Everybody has a place in the multiverse and in the multi-dimensions/-realities of afterlife.

The shortest path, sometimes is not the best path!

Not everything is equally important!

Never forget to think!


Crown (seventh) chakra
Connection to God
Protection and Guidance
omni color

Forehead (sixth) chakra
Connection to the Spirit/world (Angel chakra)
Third eye
purple color

Throat (fifth) chakra:
Prophet chakra
Speaking of prophetic words
blue color

Lung/Heart (fourth) chakra
Love/Soul chakra
Burning Love
green color

Sun/Heart (third) chakra
World/People/Love chakra
Love/Sympathy/Connection to the world/people/cosmos
yellow/golden color

Bladder (second) chakra
Spiritual orgasm chakra
Physical moving/work
orange color

Base/root (first) chakra
Root to the earth
Grounding and physical love-making
red color

Most part of the known and also chakras is some sort of energy or condensed energy, but there’s a level of supernatural reality that’s consciousness and spirit, and I don’t know if that is much of worldly energy, but maybe something totally different!

Important things for a healthy spirituality

Eating, drinking, and sleeping
Sometimes fasting
Prayers and meditation
Studying holy scriptures
Intuition (heart)
Thinking (mind)
Sometimes no words
Sometimes some spiritual Plants of the Gods
Friends and family
Connecting with people
Connecting with nature
The New
Life and everything that comes with it