John’s Revelation

The firy pit for satan and the rest is that they will be loved by God Allmighty unconditionally eternaly!

God’s Love (Bibel, Book of Wisdom, Salomon the Wise: 11,24-26)

„You [GOD] love everything, that is, and don’t dispise nothing of All you have made; but if you should have hated something you wouldn’t have made it. How could something without your will have continuance, or how could something be not conserved that you didn’t call into existance? You preserve everything, because it is your posession, Lord, you friend of life!“

Abstract: God loves All of its creation and don’t want to destroy it!

Destruction of evil

Bible parphrased: „…you build it up, we gonna tear it down…“,
means if you gonna build up evil empires and the like (evil anything) we gonna tear it down, so you can try to build up evil as long as you like we gonna destroy it!


"Drugs", The Bible and criminalization

Genesis 1,31 (Creation)
„God looked at everything, he had created: It was very good.“

In this context and the interpretation that nothing of God’s creation is evil but „very good“ and serves a purpose even poisonous plants („…alone the dose makes, that a thing won’t be a poison.“ Paracelsus), the criminalization of plant, cacti and mushroom „drugs“ can’t be justified in an Abrahamic religion believers moral compass, because creation comes from God and was created for us to use carefully (Genesis 2,15 „God, the Lord, thus took the human and put him into the garden of Eden, therewith he cultivates and takes care [!] of it.“).