Objective versus Subjective Reality

Reductionst science says there should be an objective reality, a reality that is homogenous to everybody existing in this universe.
But objective reality includes randomness (e.g. randomness of radioactive decay), and maybe so has a randomness in influencing how we perceive reality (=subjective reality), and also objective reality has an invisible part (we perceive only a fraction of the existing frequencies/smells/sensations/etc. of the real world), and a multiplicity of realities out of a possibly nonexistent void (regard spiritualized science), that could influence our perception, imagination  and thoughts according to Quantum entanglement etc., so forms subjective reality and interacts with objective reality (Quantum entanglement, etc.)., whereas subjective and objective realities alter each other (Quantum entanglement, etc.).
Therefore objective and subjective reality dissolve into one another, and you could say that there’s no distinction between objective and subjective reality, and therefore everything is somehow real that we perceive and think (at least maybe in some other dimension, parallel universe, multiverse or reality)!

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Another take on Quantum Entanglement and Reality

Also Regarding Quantum entanglement etc., everything could be real what’s in your perception, fantasies, dreams and thoughts (at least in some other dimension, parallel universe, some other multiverse or another reality, if they have something like quanta etc.) because as quantum entanglement implies, everything can interact with everything (quanta info can be instantaneously transferred through multiverses, if there exists quanta and similar physics) and so at least could have some impact on your perception and your thoughts/imagination/dreams (consciousness/nerve quanta).

Maybe there’s even some supernatural aspect of info/thought transfer, that science has no access to.

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The Void and Infinity

If the nothing – nothingness is the void or the nonexistence of everything (!) possible and impossible, also the nonexistence of time, space, matter, energy, life and all its principles even false vacuums and all abstract/thoughtforms and the concept of the almighty god and eternity/infinity and so the possible nonexistence of anything (!) ever (!) existing in the past, the now and the future (see time), and also the nonexistence of the notion, the definition, the concept and the nothingness itself, so that absolutely nothing exists, neither the observer of this multiverse, nor the multiverse, nor nothingness, not even thoughts about or the presence of anything including the nothing/ness, the multiverse, science, spirit/uality, the abstract and the concept of the almighty itself and eternity/infinity.

But as we experience ourselves, the existence of something, our thoughts, fantasies, feelings, dreams and perceptions, wich through the connection of everything in this multiverse through different means (quantum entanglement, electromagnetic induction, gravitational waves, atomic power, air, water, food and the sunlight we share), points therefore to the opposit of total nothingness, the possible existence of eternity/infinity and so all (!) possible and maybe impossible things imaginable, many worlds (parallel universes), many dimensions, many multiverses, many realities, including spiritual and divine realities, and so also the total nothingness/inversion of being?
(the snake of infinity bites its own tail)

Maybe the Allmighty (the word itself says he/she/it can do everything) can somehow, somewhere maintain such a Nothing/Nothingness, just for some buddhist nothingness scholars, to show them what it is like?

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Life after death from a scientific point of view

According to Einstein’s famous formula, the universe (so also life forms) allegedly consists mostly of energy and (condensed energy =) matter (e=mc^2).
Also consciousness in an scientific understanding is mostly energy or energyvibrations, see nervecells conductiong electric impulses and maybe nervecells storing infos (memories and the like) in quantastates (abstract [energy] vibrations) or chemical molecules, not regarding the concept of a soul or abstract subtle consciousness body (form).
So according to the energy conservation law (if consciousness should be a scientific construct(?)), energy never gets lost (and can’t be destroyed) but just transforms in its aggregate state, e.g. from friction energy into heat enargy etc., so at death if we loose life (principle), consciousness if we accredit it an energetic property or state of being, shouldn’t be lost but maybe set free or changing in its aggregate state.
So if the energy is set free at death, it maybe unites with the (spiritual) cosmic energy (vibration) and you become one with All, a goal that some seek (also at lifetime) and possibly some or everybody achieves at death.

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And how come, the scientists say, that at the beginning existed a singularity surrounded by nothingness?

Doesn’t the Nothing/Nothingness not even possess a space property?
How can a singularity expand into something, and build up a space-time continuum, that even doesn’t have a space or other properties that allow for existence of anything(!)?
Was there a quantum field/grid/matrix into which the singularity expanded (infinity)?

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My teacher

My teacher explained to me, that in order to proove scientific theories with experiments, you actually would have to lead the exact same experiments ad infintum to proove that the outcome of the experiments are always the same ad infinitum and confirms the theory.
Because you can never know or proove that the laws of the physical nature of the universe doesn’t somehow change by accident or improbability some time, or that some omnipotent being changes the nature of the laws of the universe some how.
But would we actually notice the change, or would also our nature of consciousness change so that we would be like, if we wouldn’t be „aware“ or „conscioius“ (some kind of enlightened), awakening in an unaware conscious state in a total different reality and just „live with it“ and never know that we actually lived in another reality?
Is it even possible that we live in a reality that is in another reality or that our reality encompasses even within human beings another ereality?

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Space brothers and sisters

My shamaness in Huautla told me that our space brothers and sisters are watching us and protecting us because we are a young people, I also saw them two times and a friend of mine saw them on a mushroom trip in Franconia. Sometimes they put down their disguise shields so we can see them, […]

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The double slit experiment

If a photon can be a particle and somehow changes its status to waveform in the double slit experiment, and the photon is a wave at the same time, then when the peaks and the throbs  in the interference pattern of the waveform in the double slit experiment cancel each other out, does the photon actually still exists? Where does the photon go or exist? Does it „sleep“? Does actually anything exist? Is everything a dream?

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Quantum Computer Mathematics

The quantum computer at Einstein-Bohse-condensat temperatures knows three states (like the three corners/sides of the western „eye of god“), yes, no and maybe. So the computermaths should maybe be reorganized in being -1 = no, +1 = yes and 0 = maybe. And according to the Huichol „eye of God“ containg 4 corners and sides, a forth state of info should be introduced, maybe, „unknown“, resembling a vector of abstract maths.

My two cents, for what it’s worth!

Robi „Angellovechildlikesoul“ Smrdelj (Rainbowdragon)

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