Healers who promote Self-healing

That can any cheap doctors bungler do and prescribe you a little echinacea and strengthen your self-healing powers, why do you think there are chosen healers?

I know someone who can strengthen your self-healing powers very well and that is the almighty, but since everyone carries a part of God in itself, so you can also strengthen your self-healing yourself, and would theoretically need no one to do so.

You only have to submit to the cause / self-healing / God ALLmighty and the process that leads to healing, get involved and concentrate (but don’t exaggerate, that can lead to knotting stress, and that could severe the illness) on the healing process!
Praying and / or meditation helps!

If no healer’s are around you maybe can try selfhelptechniques or let yourself get healed with the help /by Jah!

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I am an omnist, mystic, and gnostic indie-hippie, who's a little crazy and a spiritualized, mediator, artist, healer and philosopher, talking about all-and-all .....

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