„New wave“ feminism

Looking at some new wave feminist statements, I could almost think they want revenge, if not matriarchy, and that being an authoritarian! E.g. if you look at some of the new wave „feminists“ rise in abuse of men as sexual objects to just satisfy their physical needs or in the example of female domestic violence, and if you want to speak about men’s rights they say you’re privileged etc. and are not allowed out of such a position and a millenia long lasting opression to speak out on behalf of mens rights!
Is it really worth it to turn around the word and act out revenge and keep up a viscious cycle of abuse and hurt!
Shouldn’t peace and love rule the world?

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I am an omnist, mystic, and gnostic indie-hippie, who's a little crazy and a spiritualized, mediator, artist, healer and philosopher, talking about all-and-all .....

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