spirit healer

A way of a spiritual healer

Try to overcome unnatural fear of your true self and the obstacles which hinder your spiritual path, and walk the way of love.
If there is a massive intuitive fearful hindering force, don’t try to ram that wall with your head.
Natural intuitional fear is a good guide, don’t try to destroy that!
Open up and connect with nature and the universe and let its energy and force flow through you, but don’t forget to ground yourself by putting your root/s into the earth, and let it flow from above to below and receive some healing peace from earth, that you don’t get swept away, and also heal mother earth.
Pray and meditate.
Listen to your heart and intuition but never forget to think.
If you feel that spirits or the spirit or someone is seeking for help, try to follow that urge to help other than there might be a massive hindering force, don’t try to ram that wall with your head.
In love, you can heal the spirits that come seeking you.
Make friends with them and pray for them and teach them to pray and turn to their guardian angel.
Maybe now you can heal by making little sacred ceremonies with prayers and smudging and it that connection by opening up to the other side and putting your hands, following your intuition and feelings, on the patient and act as a channel for the healing energy and vibes of  mother nature, the universe, the spirit of the angels, the holy spirit and god.
With your hands, you can also resolve bad energy and energy blocks using your intuition and feeling.
You can also enter the sick person with your spirit/mind or let its spirit enter you and resolve energy blocks and bad energy.
Or like shamans resolve energy blocks by sucking bad energy out of them with a cigarette or with your mouth and replace it with positive energy.
Release the bad energy out of you, either through your mouth or your root/s and put some light in you and the patient.
To help heal spirits and people, you can  also sprinkle some water in your house or on the patients/spirits in the direction where you feel it is needed, this also applies for tobacco sacrifices, where it also acts as a gift to the all-and-all, and a fertility aid.

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I am an omnist, mystic, and gnostic indie-hippie, who's a little crazy and a spiritualized, mediator, artist, healer and philosopher, talking about all-and-all .....

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